The Sacred Routes To The Summits

This 2-day trip will lead us higher in the mountains. On the heights of Chiang Mai, the National Park of Doi Suthep holds many treasures. We will discover them on wild trails that Thailand Mountain Trail investigated a couple of years ago. From the doorsteps of the city we will hike through the jungle until the highest summits overlooking the surrounding mountains.

This ‘Trek & Relax’ trip is designed for trekking in the best conditions. The 2 days are complimentary; they ensure different atmospheres and areas; the best conditions are guaranteed during and after trekking. We will hike around 8 hours a day and will be back to Chiang Mai in the middle of the afternoon. It will give us plenty of time to enjoy a massage or eat a great Thai food in the atmosphere of the lovely city center.

Characteristics of the Trip

4,450 THB

All-inclusive price
2 Days
2 Peaks
Trek & Discover

90% single-track trail
Jungle and tropical forest
Highlights: Wat Doi Suthep temples, The Queen Palace, Doi Pui summits, Hmong villages
Start: Chiang Mai
Finish: Chiang Mai
Duration: 7-8 hours a day
Including drinks, snacks, meals, transfers, NP fee, guide
Accommodation in Chiang Mai on request
Available all year round
Meeting point: TMT office (Chiang Mai)

1st Day: At The Top Of Chiang Mai 16K & 1’300M+

Our route takes the 1st path that linked the city of Chiang Mai to the village of Khun Chang Khian at 1200m high. It was created many years ago before the 1st concrete road to Wat Doi Suthep was built. At this period it was the only way for all the Hmong people who lived up in the mountains to go to the city and sell their products. We take this trail in the early morning of the 1st day when the muscles are still a bit cold. It climbs regularly in the forest for 7k and 1’000m+ until a 1stHmong village.

After enjoying a nice local coffee, we continue to hike up. Progressively the slope gets harder. Suddenly it becomes so steep that we have to use our hands to help us at some points. High in the sky we follow a magnificent line of ridges edged in pine trees. All around us we can observe fields and mountains; in front the summit of Doi Pui (1685m) stands out in the distance.

After reaching the summit, we plunge again into the jungle and the atmosphere becomes wilder. It’s a beautiful mix between pine forests and tropical forests then the jungle again. We can enjoy a comfortable route that is slightly downhill until the last Hmong village. Soon the horizon opens up again and we can observe the final destination, the village of Ban Doi Pui. We will stop there for a meal before going back to Chiang Mai by taxi.

2nd Day: A Temple And A Palace In The Jungle 17K & 1’100M+

After watching the people from Chiang Mai make offerings to monks, we will take an old pilgrim trail until a beautiful temple inhabited by forest monks. Leaving the temple, the route becomes steeper until we arrive to Wat Doi Suthep. Located at the top of the mountain, it’s one of the most sacred temples in Thailand. It was built at the time of the Lan Na kingdom 650 years ago. In the early morning, we can still enjoy peacefully the atmosphere of the temple and the view over Chiang Mai.

We continue our trip by hiking up in the jungle. First the trails are narrow and wild; we have to use at some points a machete to clear the way. After we pass a cave, the trail becomes wider and we can enjoy a comfortable hike for few kilometers. Soon we tackle the last difficulty, the ascent until the Queen Pumping Palace. We will visit the beautiful garden and eat in one the small restaurants located around the palace.

If our shape is good, we could continue hiking up a little bit until the summit of Doi Pui marked by a big stupa. Then we will start our descent back to Chiang Mai. As the route goes down, the trail is wilder and more difficult, punctuated by fallen branches and tree trunks. Finally we arrive to the enchanting 25-meter high waterfalls of Sai Yoi and Mothathan. It’s a perfect last setting to make a break before going back to Chiang Mai by taxi.