Running / Trekking / Cycling

Discover A Unique Thailand On Mountain Trails

Thailand Mountain Trail is the 1st company in Thailand to investigate the old mountain trails previously used by the hill tribes around Chiang Mai. After several years of researches, we have acquired an extensive knowledge of the tribal areas and its people.

In 2014, following one year of investigation, our company has created TMT1, the 1st Thai Great Route. This is the longest hiking footpath of Thailand which starts from Chiang Mai and reaches Chiang Dao, the highest mountain range of the country.

Now we offer to outdoor and sport lovers the opportunity to discover our playground. Join us for a trekking, running or biking trip and live a unique experience on mountain trails.

Running Trips

From one day to five days, for intermediate or advanced level runners, from 20k to 30k a day, run in the mountains around Chiang Mai and discover the highest summits of the country, run through the rice fields and discover the hill tribes of the North, run in the deepest jungle and relax in wonderful locations. “Run & Discover” or “Run & Relax”, it’s up to you.


Trekking Trips

Trekking with TMT is the only way to discover wild areas around Chiang Mai far from touristic places. Thanks to our knowledge of the local trails and our experience with tribal people, our trekking guides could lead you through the deepest jungle, the most beautiful rice fields and the highest mountains of the North. Our trips are dedicated to sporty people not afraid by crossing jungle or hiking mountains up. Nothing crazily tough to achieve but a certain shape is required. The journey could be long but the reward in villages is always huge.


Cycling Trips

We are building cycling trips with the same mindset as trekking and running trips: wild, sporty, and adventurous. The tracks are in the most remote areas, the overnights are spent in the most beautiful locations in hill-tribe villages. You will never find the same trips anywhere else, they are just unique. We offer now a 2-day trip wild and accessible to good mountain bikers. For more accessible trips we work in relationship with an agency of quality that has been established for many years in Chiang Mai.


Races & Events

Every year Thailand Mountain Trail organizes a couple of events on mountain trails. Trail running or mountain biking, find here all the information on those unique races.


Base Camp

Get information on trails, find a tour guide or book a trip, enjoy a traditional sport massage or relax with a coffee. Our agency is located in the old city of Chiang Mai 200 meters far from Taphae Gate.



Discover our story and our values, how we created the 1st long footpath of Thailand and what our next projects are.